For 25 years, the Homeschool Association of California  (HSC) published The California Homeschooler.  Every member of the organization received a copy of this publication, showcasing the lives of homeschooling families in the state of California.

That magazine has been expanded, redesigned, renamed and is now available to subscribers across the United States. Our writers, while many live in California, also come from around the country.

HSC knew that other states were not as fortunate as California with its plethora of options for homeschoolers. For years, various regional, state, and local organizations used HSC's strong support components as prototypes for creating options of their own. Camping trips, email lists, newsletters, support liaisons were all duplicated around the country.

However, many states were not in the position to create a publication for their members similar to HSC's publication, The California Homeschooler. With that in mind, the HSC Board decided to expand their publication so it would be applicable to states around the country. Thus, The Homeschooler Magazine, was born.

The Homeschooler Magazine does not endorse a particular homeschooling philosophy or approach. All families who are interested in homeschooling their children will feel welcome and inspired by The Homeschooler.  

Susanne Patterson, Managing Editor

Sue has been married for 27 years during which she homeschooled three children in Texas, Alaska and California. Her children's interests took the entire family on a variety of adventures over the years and now she lives with her husband in a little suburb outside of Austin, Texas.  The kids come and go. One is in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, another is an actress in L.A., and the third is a hair stylist and recently married. She was a founding board member of the National Home Education Network and was active in homeschooling communities at the local, state and national levels.  Sue joins The Homeschooler with considerable experience in writing, editing and publishing.  She is currently working on a book, sharing insights from homeschooling teens and grown homeschoolers. Online, you can find her writings at Lifelong Learning.

Willow Lune, Content Editor
Writer, instructor and activist Willow Lune resides in the Bay Area with her amazing son, loving husband and adorable puppy. Her goal is to fill each day with laughter, compassion and empowerment. She can usually be found hiking fantastic trails, knitting on the fly and practicing chi gung -- not necessarily all at the same time.

Rebecca Taberski, Content Development
Rebecca is a grown unschooler from Indiana who is now unschooling her own children with a Charlotte Mason flair.  She's helping find great writers and content for The Homeschooler.

Deborah Cunefare, Conferences

Deb is searching for Homeschooling conferences around the world. If you know of any, contact Deb at

Roxana Sorooshian, Proofer

Roxana has a way with words. A grown unschooler, she received a BA in History and a BA in Drama at UC Irvine. She was active in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Roxana is studying for her Master's in Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University.

Diane Crayne Gardner, B.A., M.E., Marketing
Diane manages our Facebook page. She is wife to geeky engineer David, regular old mama to Megan (always public schooled, now a Junior at CSULB), and unschooling mama to Molly (now 11). Diane volunteers for several organizations in the homeschooling community.  Diane, David, Molly, and feline Francie gave up their Orange County home in November 2011, settled Megan in college, moved into a 35’ Class A Motorhome with a small car in tow, and headed East! Since then they have crossed the USA four times, roadschooling along the way. Follow their Blog on the “Adventures in the Knight Bus” Facebook page or

Michelle Conaway, Library Project

Michelle lives in Katy, outside of Houston, Texas. She is helping us get The Homeschooler into libraries as well as other marketing projects.

Cheryl Etzel, Advertising

As Advertising Sales Coordinator since January, 2011, Cheryl brings years of sales experience to her job, and performs multiple tasks - ultimately working with companies to find the best venue to reach their homeschooling audience.  She is an active volunteer at her state and local level homeschooling groups. Cheryl loves theatre, music, camping, long conversations with family and friends, and always, a good book.  She and her husband live in Anaheim, California, where they are unschooling their daughter.

Pam Sorooshian, Advisor

Pam, mom to three grown unschoolers in southern California, is currently a member of the HSC Board and acts as the liaison to The Homeschooler as well as technical "go-to person" for all things related to the website.

August 04, 2015  |  By Sue Patterson, Editor
Hi All!

Welcome to the new format for The Homeschooler Post! We're branching out into a delivery method that is different from anything we've seen. I think you'll really enjoy this. More homeschoolers than ever will be able to read the inspiring articles - and here's the best part - FOR FREE!!!

Each week, The Homeschooler Post will share a new article by posting to our Facebook page. We're hoping that all of you will then share, comment, and like the article on social media, making sure your friends know all about it!

If you're a lover of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, and would like to join our Social Media Team, contact me and let me know! We're trying to grow our Social Media Team and I think it would be a lot of fun to get people sharing and talking about inspiring homeschooling articles!

Our fabulous columnists are remaining and working on articles for you now. We're continuing to accept articles from new writers, so check back here and on the Facebook page to see what we're looking for.

Some of the past articles are also going to be shared later in the week, so readers will have plenty to peruse. Two articles per week!

For those of you who have purchased a subscription and you still have remaining issues to receive, you will be notified via email about being reimbursed and/or any other options you may have. Expect to hear from us by mid- to late-August. If you would like to simply make a donation to HSC and/or the Magazine for the cost of the remaining issues, simply send me an email and let me know you'd like to pass on the refund.

Happy Homeschooling!~Sue Patterson

Brain Waves: Cathleen Earle

Cathy, an education writer, homeschooled her three daughters from birth up to college. You can find her unschooling journal at Homeschool Scrapbook and her free resources for kids and parents at Every Day is Special. Cathy shares her research in her column, Brain Waves. The references for each article are linked here.

Unschooling In the World: Sandra Dodd

Sandra has three young-adult children and has spoken all around the U.S. and in five other countries. She has written about unschooling for over 20 years, nearly every day. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but visits other unschoolers around the world to learn about their fascinating lives and shares it with The Homeschooler. Read more at her website, Sandra Dodd.

Ask Michelle - The Homeschool Therapist: 

Michelle Barone, M.A., L.M.F.T., D.C.E.P.

Michelle is a family therapist in southern California. She offers many levels of support to homeschooling families. Readers can contact her at her website.

What About Math? Pam Sorooshian

Pam has been teaching college-level economics and statistics for 30 years. She also tutors high school and college students in math and statistics. She's an unschooling mom with three grown kids who either attend or have completed college and graduate school. Pam is a member of the HSC Board of Directors.

The News & You: JJ Ross

JJ Ross, Ed.D. connect everything to everything else. She spent almost half of her six decades in public schooling, the other half at home with her kids. The main thing she has learned in all that time is that the ones who need to be learning new stuff every day aren't so much the kids in schooling - it's the rest of us!

Creatively Speaking : Roya Dedeaux

Roya Dedeaux, is an adult homeschooler, pulled out of school when she was 10 years old, and unschooled from that day forward.

She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, where she has been enjoying hiking, exploring Hollywood and keeping up her blog

Roya has an M.S. in Counseling and a B.A. in Recreation and Leisure Studies. Roya is a lecturer at CSULB, teaching event planning and outdoor recreation classes in the Recreation and Leisure Studies department. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist intern, with a private practice in Los Alamitos, and offers email coaching for homeschoolers. Her therapy website is

Roya specializes in therapeutic arts, and has spent most of her life crocheting, knitting, making journals, collaging, and following other artistic pursuits, and even sells her hand-crocheted jewelry at

Roya's column will focus on creativity and how to protect your children's natural desires to be creative, be it art, science, or play.


The Handwringers: Diane Kallas & Barbara Alward 

The original Handwringers, Barbara and Diane, have returned after a 12 year sabbatical! For our newer readers, their column ran in every issue of The California Homeschooler from 1997-2002. Between them, they have four children ranging from 21 to 30, each uniquely charming and living in the real world.

And now... the Handwringers are BAAAACK!