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Lessons, Learning Centers and Listening

by Heather Stokhaug

Confessions of a Former Literary Snob
by Janet LoSole

The Journey to Literacy
by Paula Sjogerman

Developing Reading Skills
by Marty Layne

Learning to Read By Backing Off

by Rebecca Taberski

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I love the new look. The pictures are gorgeous."


I love Sue Patterson's column on teens and all of the articles she has written in The Homeschooler.  I read them aloud so my husband would overhear.  Sue has such a reassuring and inspirational voice!"

~ Cheryl, California

JJ Ross: The News & You

           If You Read This, Does it Matter How?

Sandra Dodd: Unschooling in the World

Some Thoughts about Late Reading

The Whens and Hows of Reading

Reading Math

Michelle Barone: The Homeschool Therapist

Key Words and Questions

Jon Bach: DadSpeak

The "Island Zen" of Alternative Schooling

Michelle Conaway: Getting Tech Savvy

       A is for App - Revolutionizing the Way Kids Learn

Wes Beach: Teen Time

Top Down vs. Bottom Up

Roya Dedeaux: Creatively Speaking

Enjoy the Flow

John Holt Series: Real Learning
by Deb Lewis

Grown Homeschooler Reflections:
   From Harry Potter to Living the Dream

Lissy Laricchia

Learning Connections: How Learning Happens
by Sylvia Woodman

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I've received several issues of The Homeschooler and it is great. I like the combination of inspiration and practical ideas a lot. I think it will be very useful to all homeschoolers."

The most recent issue was great!"

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I just got the new Homeschooler magazine and it is terrific. This issue is the best I've seen in years. The range of articles was great."

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