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            What I Learned at Home About Learning from Travel

Another homeschooling mom asked if it would be a study trip, work trip or holiday and I said none of the above. It's the way she's always learned: she meets people and gets involved in what appeals to her, like reading and writing, dancing and musical theatre. Then those people in those worlds connect to other people and overlapping interests and she goes (how did the Chronicles of Narnia put it?) "higher up and deeper in!"

Sandra Dodd: Unschooling in the World

Montana to Italy via Godzilla

Interview with Deb Lewis

"Godzilla was the gateway monster, though, and it started with a movie marathon on television. I couldn't have guessed then, when he was three years old, that he would find a lifetime of happiness in horror! And I didn't know then that his love of monster movies would lead to learning to read and write, finding authors, making connections to other cultures, (and more movies and authors) and connections to music theater, poetry, folklore, art, history…It turned out to be this rich and wonderful experience he might have missed, and I might never have understood if I'd said no to TV, or to Godzilla, Kind of the Monsters…"

The Homeschool STEM Advantage

"There have never been so many ways to learn so much about science, math, engineering and technology and there have never been so many wants to participate in, and even contribute to STEM fields. Homeschooling families, with their ability to be flexible and cater to individuals' interests, are especially well-positioned to grasp these opportunities…"

Are Boys Really Better than Girls at Math?

"That boys consistently outdistance girls on objective standardized math tests is true, but it is an extreme oversimplification to conclude that boys are naturally better at math than girls. First, there are no differences in math ability between young boys and girls; the differences appear and grow through adolescence…."

Michelle Barone: The Homeschool Therapist

Trying Out School

"Everyone's needs are different. We can design  a lifestyle that we hope works for everyone and we can learn to make compromises and course corrections along the way. This is likely an opportunity to discover new ways of supporting each other and rebuilding relationships. There is no failing when we are faced with a problem, explore solutions and take action."

Roya Dedeaux: Creatively Speaking

Memories and Linoleum Print-Making

"From the outside looking in, it probably looked like I was staring, slack-jawed, at a computer screen for fourteen hours at a time. It probably looked like I was isolating myself, shutting myself in my room away from my family. It probably looked like I was sacrificing things that used to be important to me in order to spend time with my friends…"

"Once upon a time, when The Handwringers had more small-to-medium sized children cuddling us and fewer elderly pets functioning as furry lap anchors, we divided an education method we called, "The Tourist Curriculum." It was build entirely around the idea that a successful day started with leaving the house by mid-afternoon, wended through a cafe or two and ended in a museum gift shop. Our theory was that meandering was intrinsically good - combining homeschooling's four S's: shambling, skimming, shopping and snacking - and any day where you left the house was going to have fewer toxic kitchen events…"

Don't Just Homeschool - Advernture School!

by David & Ann Severi

"Why travel with children? Because it is permanently mind-altering for everyone involved. Nothing, not even reading, can expand perspective and deepen understanding like first-hand experience. We did not homeschool our three children because we wanted to protect them from the world. We did it because we insisted on having the pleasure of leading them forth into it. We were their tour guides to the natural world and the mentors introducing them to the past and present people of the world…"

Why We Roadtrip
by Shannon Loucks
In the beginning, road trips with my two boys were torture. They hated the car. There were screaming children, and me pulling the car over to perform the ultimate in mommy tricks - breastfeeding the baby in a carseat. I never imagined that, as time moved on, they would both come to love a good road trip. We have now made it from Santa Clara, California to Vancouver Island, British Colombia, and back again. Road trips are awesome for a wide range of reasons. My favorites, though, are not what one might suspect.

Freedom to Travel
by Christa Choi
"Our daughter just returned from a week as a guest/intern at the corporate offices of a major toy manufacturer 3,000 miles across the country. She is twelve. She did not have to take time off from school, from her classroom seat-time, or bring any homework packets to complete. With no busywork to interfere with her learning, she was able to devote her workday attention to being fully present at the corporate offices. She devoted the rest of her time to being a member of the household where she was staying with a friend from my college days…"

Family Travels
by Rick Schertle
" 'Is this trip a vacation?' As we trekked through Europe for four months as a family, that's a question we often asked ourselves. At times, it felt like a vacation, but mostly it was a part of our life education. We've learned more traveling than from the best travel books or world history courses. Travel for us is life intensified and make all the richer with kids…"

Socialization Nation

by River Lune
"Not  only is a homeschooling conference a festival of resources and experience, it is a networking opportunity. Conferences gather families from all of the state, the country, and abroad. Random encounters at conferences are guaranteed, and have produced many surprising friendships - some holding strong over years and great distances… "

Coffee Finca

by Crystal Nay
"When my 7-year-old and I packed our bags for a Costa Rican getaway, our list of requisites while abroad was fairly short, with most of it left to the will of our adventures. Among our top three was seeing a coffee finca (plantation). While I don't care for the taste of coffee, I love the aroma, and find it curious how a little bean can cause a global shift in whether people begin their days cranky or spirited…"

by Meriah Nichols
"The decision to homeschool while traveling - to 'road school' - our kids was born out of necessity. You see, we had decided to feel everything we had and travel the Pan-American Highway from San Francisco to Argentina. My previous experience and training as an elementary school teacher seemed not only tailor made for teaching our three kids while on the road, but it seemed like the only thing we could do. Schools along the road simply don't exist…"

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Grown Homeschoolers' Reflections (Two!)

Daniel Sage: Eric Clapton, Independence and Couch-Surfing?

 One day while my mom was continuing her research into alternative education, she learned that the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) was having their first annual conference in Albany, NY.  She immediately suggested a road trip and my parents and I were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of self-directed learning? The conference was especially liberating for me, meeting new friends that knew about this crazy thing we were doing back in N.C. I also got the chance to meet the director of the organization, Jerry Mintz. He mentioned to my mother that he was looking for young, self-motivated teenagers to start interning for the organization in Roslyn Heights, NY…."

Misty Jade Severi: Historic Road Trips

 I am a nineteen-year-old homeschool graduate. The one thing most people associate with my family is travel. We joke that my sisters and I were 'away-from-home-schooled' because we spent 80 weeks traveling during my 'school' years. I loved travel;  we didn't do nearly enough if you ask me. I learned so much that I don't know  where to start. But I do know that I want to be a professional historian and I want to travel to historic sites for the rest of my life…"

Science Matters!

           This Summer Let Nature Teach Your Kids

by Kimberly Travaglino

"As we lazily skipped stones into the azure blue water that brimmed out of the sinkhole, the camp host brought over a cache of Pecos Diamonds sharing where she had 'mined' them. Mystery, intrigue, precious gems and a secret location. This had all the markings of a grand adventure!"

  John, The Snail

  by Lisa Cottrell- Bentley

"Kids and adults alike learn about all topics, science included, when they are invested in them. Whether it is the solar system, how a machine works, or the intricacies of their own bodies, anything can be learned at any age when the interest and desire is there."


Getting Tech Savvy

Minecraft Modifications (Part 3)

by Michelle Conaway

There is no end to the learning opportunities Minecraft affords. And if the game itself is not enough, the addition of modifications has filled in the gaps. Just about every subject can be explored with the addition of mods. Plus, they are free for the download from the Internet.

Teen Time

        Homeschooling and Autonomy

          by Wes Beach

Homeschooling, especially unschooling, provides fertile ground for the growth of autonomy. Allowing teens to put educational choices in their own hands can go a long way toward helping them create their own lives on their own terms.

A Handcrafted Education

 by Blair Lee, M.S.

 Homeschooling at its finest is about an education handcrafted for the passions, strengths and weaknesses of each student - a situation where every homeschooled child is treated with care and attention, no matter how complicated the recipe.


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