non-profit quarterly national magazine filled with helpful articles and resources for homeschoolers and anyone interested in children who learn outside of a conventional school environment. Readers will find articles that will inspire, encourage, and support their choice to homeschool.

For 25 years, the Homeschool Association of California (HSC) published The California Homeschooler.  When that magazine was expanded and redesigned to appeal to a wider geographic audience,The Homeschooler was born. It is now available to subscribers across the country. This magazine is unique because it is published by a non-profit volunteer-run organization. The Homeschooler is sure to be appreciated by all kinds of homeschooling families nationwide!

Spring 2014 Issue!

JJ Ross: The News & You

            Driving to Get There: Cars & the Common Core


Sandra Dodd: Unschooling in the World

The Efficiency of Homeschooling

Interview with Julie Daniel

Testing... 1, 2, 3 ... Testing....

The Emotional Connection to Math

Roya Dedeaux: Creatively Speaking

Artist Trading Cards:

A Metaphor for Homeschooling

Judgment Day

by Donna Smith

Book Review: Punished By Rewards/Alfie Kohn
by Lisa Nalbone

Choice & Motivation in Homeschool Success
by Suki Wessling

Collecting and Letting Go
by Barbara Matessa

The Fun Factor
by Heather Martinson

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I love the new look. The pictures are gorgeous."


I love Sue Patterson's column on teens and all of the articles she has written in The Homeschooler.  I read them aloud so my husband would overhear.  Sue has such a reassuring and inspirational voice!"

~ Cheryl, California

I just got the new Homeschooler magazine and it is terrific. This issue is the best I've seen in years. The range of articles was great."

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The most recent issue was great!"

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Grown Homeschoolers' Reflections

Landscape Designer: Hannah Levy

Science Matters!

Learning Science: Theories & Experiments

by Blair Lee

Getting Tech Savvy

Minecraft and Social Skills (Part 2)

by Michelle Conaway

Teen Time

        Homeschooling - And Then?

          by Wes Beach

Let's Go To a Conference!

         by Deb Cunefare

Hot Links for Homeschoolers:

          Info About Testing

by Laurel Ward

Secular Homeschooling

by Kerry Jones


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$16 per year.

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I've received several issues of The Homeschooler and it is great. I like the combination of inspiration and practical ideas a lot. I think it will be very useful to all homeschoolers."